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Aluminum Screen Printing Frame For T-Shirt Screen Printing

The Pre-stretched Frame are durable in high tension printing, corrosion-resistant, free from deformation, high recycle value.Different frame specification depends on the precision of overprint and printing graphic.Commonly we would sandblast and polishing the frames for our T-shirt printing customer.

Pre-Stretched Frame Supplier.jpg

  Applications of Aluminum Screen Printing Frame:

  1. screen printing industry

  2. Large advertising industry

  3. Manual and automatic screen printing machine

  4. High precise LCD, high precise multi-layered circuit board and electronic printing ect

  Quality Control:

  Outside dimension: +/-0.04inch

  Square angle: +/-2 degree

  Flatness: not exceeding 0.02inch

  Distortion: not exceeding 0.08" at standard tension with standard frames' size

  Welding: Firmly, no water infiltration

  Finish: grinded or sandblaste

  our company as a Screen Printing Aluminum frame Manufacturer ,if you need that pls contact us.


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