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August Promotion-Pre-stretched Silk Screen Frame

We have special for pre-stretched screen silk screen frame.All popular size like 18x20",20x24",23x31" pre-stretched screen.

Pre-stretched Silk Screen Frame.jpg

We produce any size frame and stretched mesh from 6T-165T.All frame size,aluminum tube,mesh can be custom made.With Kiwo red glue makes the screen in stable tension.

Pre-stretched Silk Screen Frame For Sale.jpg

We had upgrade our workshop to serve domestic and international customers.With new mesh stretch machine we increased capacity at15000pcs-20000pcs screen per month.We accept OEM orders,Amazon,Ebay on line shop order,etc.Make sure delivery in time for each order.

Pre-stretched Silk Screen Frame sale.jpg

Our company as a Screen Printing frame manufacturer ,if you need that pls contact us.


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