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Customized Aluminium Screen Printing Frame

Aluminum screen printing frame, this T series aluminum frames can fulfill customers' needs and are welded for great mesh adhesion. All corners are completely sealed to prevent ink from leaking. One side isspecially prepared to make fabric adhesion fast and easy.

Custom made size line table printing frame.jpg

  Type: Aluminum frame for screen printing

  screen printing frame

  aluminum mesh frame

  mesh frame


  1. apply to textile screen printing industry

  2.apply to large advertising industry

  3. apply to manual and automatic screen printing machine

  4. Apply to: High precise LCD, high precise multi-layered circuit board and electronic printing ect

  Packing and shipping

  We have two kind of packing type for printing mesh:

  1): Folding the mesh with pvc bag and then put into carton. Suit for little order quantity

  2): Rolling the mesh with paper tube and then put into carton. Suit for large order quantity.Suitable for large quantity and the mesh has better surface than folding type.Usually a carton can load 50-70kg.

  our company provide Customized Aluminium Screen Printing Frame,if you need that pls contact us.


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