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Kiwo Red Glue Line Table Screen Frame

  Item:Kiwo Red Glue Line Table Screen Frame

  Usage:screen printing important character , use the frame make the screen printing plate


  Textiles printing groove screen frame , normal frame for graphics printing , big size screen frame for AD printing .

  High tension Electronics screen printing frame , Solar palbel printing screen frame etc .

  Normal size:

  18”x22” ,20’x24’ ,23’x31’,25’x36’ etc other size can be design as request

  Or 20x30cm, 30x40cm, 50x60cm, 60x70cm, 50x70cm, 100x100cm, 120x120cm, 120x150cm etc

Kiwo Red Glue Line Table Screen Frame.jpg

  Features :

  High-speed, up to 300 dots coordinate/second

  Highly Responsive, First dot(click):8ms, continuously(writing):3ms

  High accuracy, automatic detection and reset function design, high reliability, track smooth

  Fault-tolerant design, Special structure, anti-static, anti-electromagnetic interference

  Proprietary anti-ray decline of circuit design


  1. apply to textile screen printing industry

  2.apply to large advertising industry

  3. apply to manual and automatic screen printing machine

  4. Apply to: High precise LCD, high precise multi-layered circuit board and electronic printing ect

  Our Service

  1. We not only offer device, our own R&D teams is including shape design, and also covering software development. Any questions about our machines, we could provide you relievable question-solutions and after service.

  2. During our guarantee, we will take the responsibility for any defects our products.

  3. Some parts is available to be separated offered.

  4. OEM/ODM are welcome

  5. Any certificates needed please keep us informed, we will try our best to meet your demands.

  our company as a Screen Printing frame manufacturer ,if you need that pls contact us.


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