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Screen Printing Frame Storage Racks


Material: Stainless steel

Tray size: 20x24",23x31"the size could be adjustable

Layer number: 20/30 layer as your request

Apart of tray: 5cm

Load-bearing: 2-5kg per tray


Screen printing frame storage racks.jpg


Screen drying racks are great for storing screens during screen prep. Screen drying racks are used not only to dry screens in a darkroom, but also to store screens in production areas and to transport screens from various parts of a screen printing shop.This unique rack holds 20 or 30 , 20" x 24" and 23" x 31" screens. The slot spacing is also deep enough to hold thicker roller frame bars which many other screen racks cannot. Now if you have these two different sizes of screens in your shop there is no need to buy additional equipment; you can use the same rack for both sizes of screens! This screen drying rack will not only save on space, but will also save you money! Comes complete with all hardware and heavy duty casters for ease of mobility and storage.


·Light Weight · Save Working Area · Spring Fitted Racks ·Easily Movable · Many Sizes Available

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