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​What are the skills to choose squeegee sharpening?

Anyone who has done screen printing knows that squeegee sharpening is a rather complicated part, but it is an indispensable part, just like the squeegee and ink roller of ink painting, all have their own unique features. The main function of squeegee sharpening is to transfer the humor through the screen to the substrate, hang off the excess ink, maintain the contact between the screen and the substrate, and print different shapes. These four functions prove that it is indeed difficult to print quality prints without a squeegee.

Although the squeegee can give us good help in printing, in the selection, must be fully considered squeegee performance factors, to avoid unnecessary factors affect the printing effect. So next I will teach you how to choose the right squeegee.
1. hardness

 squeegee sharpening is made of polyurethane, so the hardness of squeegee sharpening can be tested and determines the bendability, flexibility, and pressure of squeegee sharpening. Generally speaking, the hardness range is 55 degrees to 90 degrees, so we must choose according to their needs to buy, such as 55-65A is low hardness. 66-75A is medium hardness, and more than 75A is high hardness. And we print high hardness for the function of squeegee sharpening, at least three is to meet, so it is best to choose high hardness.
2. effective width

Here refers to the width of the squeegee sharpening from the aluminum squeegee handle, this width determines the bending of the squeegee sharpening under pressure. On the one hand, there is a change in angle between the squeegee sharpening screens, and on the other hand, there is the printing pressure transmitted to the substrate. So we try to choose the width of the effective width of the wider, which has the printing effect is more ideal, usually have a choice between 20MM to 30MM, or greater than 30MM.
3. squeegee sharpening the shape

squeegee sharpening

Generally speaking, the shape of squeegee sharpening refers to the cross-section, generally speaking, is square, other shapes are specific out, such as the use of, square scraping, although good, poor adaptability to the substrate, and the use of oblique scraping, the print will be easy to deform. So there will be three shapes of squeegee sharpening for people to choose from, including put scrapers, various scrapers as well as round scrapers.
4. knife-edge

The cutter is the most important part of the squeegee sharpening play role because the sharpness of the squeegee sharpening is a factor in the initial control of the amount of grinding, if it is a blunt and rounded cutter, it will be increased under the amount of grinding, and then affect the color and the fineness of the line. So when we choose, we have to compare the first and last printed sheets to determine when the squeegee sharpening can be polished.

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