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Precision screen printing machine printing why choose DIY screen printing frame

    Many variables in precision screen printing affect the quality of the printed product. First, we must choose the right original to make the base plate, followed by choosing the right material to make the plate, printing, and post-press processing, each step is a key step in determining the quality. These processes require both experience and skills.

    Today we mainly talk about precision screen printing machine printing why often choose DIY screen printing frames.

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    We know that the screen printing frame required in screen printing can be divided into three kinds of the wooden screen frame, DIY screen printing frame, and steel screen frame, which is commonly used aluminum or steel screen frame, this is because they have the advantages of resistance to twisting or arching performance, water resistance, lightweight characteristics and durability, the quality of screen printing machine printing is of great help.
    Precision screen printing machine screen printing in DIY screen printing frame features.
    1、Light weight
    2、Wide range of section selection
    3、High flexural strength
    4, corrosion resistance (chemicals, inks, solvents, cleaning agents, etc.)
    5, easy to clean, etc.

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