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screen printing frame FAQs

Technical aspects of pre-stretched screens

Stretching is the first step in screen printing, that is, the process of tying the screen onto the frame. For mass production, factories usually choose lightweight aluminum printing frames that are easy to use, stable and durable, and do not deform easily over a long period of time.

Compared to the past, there are still many manual operations, but compared to the past, many manufacturers are slowly replacing the manual equipment. Gradually upgrade to semi-automatic or fully automatic equipment for screen printing. This is because now the industry has slowly developed, so the equipment must also keep pace with the pace.

When selecting its size, be careful to choose a larger than the required printing plate graphics, at least need to be as large as ten to twenty centimeters per side. At the beginning and end of the squeegee movement should be at least ten to fifteen centimeters more than the plate's graphics in order to carry out normal printing.

pre-stretched screens

Now, many screen printing products are exported for export, in order to adapt to the needs of exports, factories often choose a yellow polyester screen imported from Germany or Japan, for particularly demanding printing products, commonly used is 350T imported yellow screen, so that the pattern can better show the tone.

Since the industry is developing fast, so they are in pursuit of higher quality products. So the equipment is more and more technological, they will use some high-tech equipment to replace the past kind of all manual simple equipment. In order to keep pace with the competition in the industry, not to be squeezed down.

To the later steps of the sun exposure, usually choose the light source for ultraviolet light. Because the blue-violet color belongs to the mixture of cyan and magenta reflected light, which also indicates the lack of yellow hue.

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