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The relationship between screen printing frame material quality and service life

An important quality indicator for screen printing frame materials is the service life, which is more prominent in the case of durable materials such as PS plates, Screen Printing Mesh, and rubber rollers. The cost of purchasing materials for a certain period of time is inversely proportional to the service life. The use of good quality screen printing frame materials not only improves the efficiency and quality of screen printing frame products but more importantly, extends the service life and reduces downtime losses.

The impact of service life on the cost of using materials is very obvious, a screen printing frame can screen printing frame 60,000 copies compared to a PS plate can screen printing frame 120,000 copies, the difference is intuitive and easy to calculate, and there is screen printing frame product quality improvement There is also the benefit of improved quality of the screen printing frame. A competent material buyer or manager must consider the life of the material together with the price.

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The increasing involvement of social capital in the production of screen printing frame materials has led to a large degree of differentiation in the quality of screen printing frame materials, and the differentiation in the length of service life has also come to the fore. Therefore, when purchasing materials, it is necessary to pay attention to the relationship between service life and price in order to obtain low material costs. Of course, material procurement should also be combined with production needs, and not just pursue the service life. For example, a screen printing frame amount of very small products, the printing plate of high resistance to printing power is also not meaningful; a screen printing frame amount of large print, it is necessary to consider the printing plate resistance to printing power generated by changes in material costs.

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