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Factory Screen Dry Printing Drying Rack

  Screen printing drying racks:


  Tray size:65x100cm(or as your request)

  Layer number:30/50 layer as your request

  Apart of try:2.5cm

  Bar diameter:4.5x2.5mm

  Load-bearing:2-5kg per trayt

  Package:in carton or pallet

Factory Screen Dry Printing Drying  Rack.jpg


  ·Drying rack is the most commonly used small equipment in printing industry, printed products can be nature drying on the multi-layered shelf.

  ·Composite structure & excellent packaging for convenient transportation. It's dismantled and packaged into 2 cartons, which will furthest reduce damage during transportation and especially suitable for long-distance transportation.

  ·Mesh material: Color zinc plating.Each distance: 2.5cm.Hanging spring type: general hanging type.

  Application :

  For woodblock prints, etchings, glass, metal and paper can easily store and dry, to save space.

  Why choose us


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  2.Our Advantage:

  A. We have very strong production capabilities.

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  C. We have our own quality control systerm.

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