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Line Table Printing Frame For Sale

 line table printing frame with mesh is welded by 6063 aluminum tube,with excellent weldability,crushing resistance and corrosion resistance.And stretched polyester mesh by kiwo red glue.It is widely used for running table printing, dress printing, arts and crafts gifts, leather, plastic, glass products, etc.Printing process are mainly by manual pipeline operation.

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  1.Q: What is the differences between silicon membrane working table and sucking head working table , which one is better?

  A: Silicon membrane working table is very suitable for sheet, panel door, and simple aluminum profile; sucking head working table is suitable for aluminum profile.

  2.Q: what is the difference between transfer film and transfer paper?

  A: Transfer film must be welding bagging before doing wood grain transferring.(Our continuous sublimation system can weld film to bag automatically)

  Transfer paper should be used with high temperature bag together, which play a part in vacuum sealing and paper protecting.

  3.Q: what will you do if something wrong to my machine or products ?

  A: Our machine is high quality using international brand components. Such as Siemens, Omron.

  We have one year warranty with free spare parts ,mostly nothing will happen in several years.We also can provide remote guidance and presently repair.

  4.Q: Do you provide equipment operation training?

  A: Yes. We can send professional engineers to the working site for equipment installation, adjustment, and operation training. All of our engineers have passport.

  our company as a Screen Printing frame manufacturer china ,if you need that pls contact us.


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