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Pre-stretched line table printing frame sale

 Line table printing frame with mesh is welded by 6063 aluminum tube,with excellent weldability,crushing resistance and corrosion resistance.And stretched polyester mesh by kiwo red glue.It is widely used for running table printing, dress printing, arts and crafts gifts, leather, plastic, glass products, etc.Printing process are mainly by manual pipeline operation.

Pre-stretched line table printing frame sale.jpg


  1.Aluminum is made to our specific alloy for high resistance,maximum strength and hardness

  2.Light weight frame for quick and easy handling.

  3.Easy clean up and long lasting durability

  4.Corners are carefully welded to provide leak free frames

  5.Tension control will be balanced no matter the spreading size of mesh-area or the strength of tension.

  6.The rate of mesh damage is lower than other kinds

  Silk Screen Printing Aluminum Frames

  Package: Standard export package or as customized,

  Delivery Time: sample order in 3 days; bulk order in 7-10 working days.

  our company as a Screen Printing frame manufacturer ,if you need that pls contact us.


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