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Rotary Aluminum Frame Supplier

 Aluminum Frame for Screen Printing

  We offer aluminum frame which are made of light-weight, high quality aluminum with leak proof welding.

  Sandblasting or Grinding

  Suitable for manual and automatic press

  Various tube profiles are available

  Various Dimension are available

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  Frame Features

  Aluminum frames are also light weight

  which has an added bonus of being easy to handle and shipping when purchasing is fairly cheap.

  Constructed with 6063T5 alloy.

  The frames have uniform wall thickness for strength against bending when pre-stretched.

  The four corners are welded and sanded for a nice smooth watertight finish.

  The mesh side is sandblasted or grinding tocreate excellent mesh / glue / frame adhesion.

  The frames are completely flat and strong, so they are extremely durable and long lasting.

  They will not warp and can also be stretched and re-stretched many times.

  Our company as a DIY Screen Printing Aluminum frame Supplier ,if you need that pls contact us.


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