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Running table silk screen aluminum frame

  Running table silk screen aluminum frame is welded by 6063 aluminum tube,with excellent weldability,crushing resistance and corrosion is widely used for running table printing, dress printing, arts and crafts gifts, leather, plastic, glass products, etc.Printing process are mainly by manual pipeline operation.

  Popular size:12x16”,16x22”,18x24”,or as request

  Aluminum tube size: 25x25mm,25x38mm,25x41mm,etc.

  Accessories: T guide and handle

Running table silk screen aluminum frame.jpg


  1. apply to textile screen printing industry

  2.apply to large advertising industry

  3. apply to manual and automatic screen printing machine

  4. Apply to: High precise LCD, high precise multi-layered circuit board and electronic printing ect

  Our Service

  1. We not only offer device, our own R&D teams is including shape design, and also covering software development. Any questions about our machines, we could provide you relievable question-solutions and after service.

  2. During our guarantee, we will take the responsibility for any defects our products.

  3. Some parts is available to be separated offered.

  4. OEM/ODM are welcome

  5. Any certificates needed please keep us informed, we will try our best to meet your demands.

  our company as a Screen Printing frame manufacturer ,if you need that pls contact us.


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